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Best-selling Author and Marketing Icon Sander A. Flaum Becomes Official Sponsor of National Perseverance Day Celebrated Annually on October 18

Best-selling author and pharmaceutical marketing icon Sander A. Flaum used perseverance and mindfulness to transcend his life-long struggle with debilitating stuttering..

On National Perseverance Day, Best-Selling Author Sander A. Flaum Releases
"Perseverance as a Means to Overcome Your Life's Obstacles"

Best-Selling author Sander A. Flaum’s latest tome, “Perseverance as a Means to Overcome Your Life’s Obstacles,”, honors perseverance and recounts his life-long struggle with debilitating stuttering and how—with perseverance and mindfulness—he transcended his affliction.

Best-Selling Author Sander A. Flaum, Who Coined Benign Paranoia, Pens New Business Book

 Best-selling author and marketing icon Sander A. Flaum has just released his latest book, Benign Paranoia: The Sixth Sense That Keeps Leaders Ahead of the Pack After rising to the top in the business world

Best-Selling Author Sander Flaum Pens First Compact, Tips-Filled Book for Stutters

“The Stutter Steps” Honors International Stuttering Awareness Day, October 22, 2021. Help for the 70 Million People World-Wide Who Stutter.

For the Future of Public Service

John Glenn College of Public Affairs’ donors have created important opportunities for the Glenn College community and are propelling students to reach their goals through scholarship support.

63% of Business Leaders Lack Required Ability to Achieve Success

We’re facing a leadership crisis, whether it’s in business, government, or on our social media platforms.

Sander Flaum, Board Appointment

American Friends of Tel Aviv University has elected Sander Flaum to its Board of Directors.

Stuck in a rut? Here’s how you can take your career to the next level

Being a good employee isn’t enough to get you noticed as leadership material.

Fired? Laid off? Don't get angry. get Busy

Dont’t bite off more than you can chew! It’s easy to lose enthusiasm. Allow items to spill over to additional days or weeks if necessary. 

Our Paradigm is Helping Clients Obtain New and Innovative Sales and Marketing Solutions

We have introduced and marketed more blockbuster drugs than any other firm in our industry.

Benign Paranoia: The Sixth Sense that Keeps Leaders Ahead of the Pack

Any business book can tell you that successful CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs work harder and smarter. What they don’t tell you is the very best and the brightest also share a crucial sixth sense known as Benign Paranoia.