What We Do

What We Do

When is brand loyalty most critical?

Earning and retaining brand loyalty begins before launch and continues through your product’s life — even after patent expiration.

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New brands

Granted, early drug development is all about the science. But at Flaum Navigators, we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about brand loyalty. Every aspect of our approach to market preparation focuses on identifying how to make the strongest connection to each customer segment…from disease education to data dissemination. 

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Established brands

Brand loyalty is not static. It can be easily threatened or strategically propelled, and fast-paced digital communications play a key role in both directions. Whether it’s addressing changes in the market landscape or leveraging new competitive advantages, Flaum Navigators helps clients hone in on new opportunities to continuously strengthen the bonds that drive preferential prescribing.

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Declining brands

When a mature brand’s sales or share begin to slip, Flaum Navigators goes into “reinvigoration mode.”  We deliver a comprehensive plan of action for rebooting brands while integrating the power of existing loyalists in innovative ways. 

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Strategic Services

We serve as an extension of your brand team to deliver deep expertise that drives brand loyalty across the product life cycle.

We assemble a blue-ribbon team to provide an expert assessment and gap analysis of your marketing plan.  We focus on identifying incremental opportunities for brand growth and loyalty while ensuring your plan reflects the best practices in omnichannel communication.

At Flaum Navigators, we think about positioning as the “piece” of a customer’s mind your brand must secure…the piece where no other brand can live.  In our Piece of Mind Workshop,  we work with your team to apply our 5 key principles for optimal positioning through a series of interactive exercises.

If your group is operating as a lean team preparing for a launch, we can step in as flex support to provide cross-functional strategic and tactical expertise as you ramp up. 

We are able to suggest ways to create and maintain brand loyalty even in the face of regulatory challenges.

We provide a roadmap for optimizing the commercial opportunity for taking your Rx brand over the counter.  We focus on ensuring your Rx brand maintains its core equities while gaining new competitive advantages.

If you need an extremely focused and streamlined approach to garnering customer insights, we can do it in a 30-minute interview.  Our approach to telephone interviews can offer incremental insights about key issues that pop us as needed.

The pandemic has changed patterns for payers, providers and physicians alike.  We have experts who can facilitate access to your products and services.

Brand Challenge Immersion

Create immersion exercises focusing on issues impacting consumer attitudes toward your and competing brands.

The exercise will energize your brand team by providing a collaborative experience designed to meet a specific marketing challenge.

When a mature brand is in need of accelerated growth, a Jolt workshop can help you find a winning strategy.

By employing the Pareto Principle, we can help your highest- performing representatives meet specific sales objectives.

A workshop led by our expert will engage and educate your brand team to the opportunities of social media and the power of social influencers.

Proactivity beats reactivity.  With this in mind, Flaum Navigators conducts highly engaging and interactive team exercises focused on identifying various market scenarios and competitive threats your brand may face.  Anticipating the future and being prepared for new developments optimizes your brand’s competitive advantage.

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Brand Team Development

Our leadership and team-building workshops not only build stronger teams, but the members also become fierce protectors of their brand’s identity. 

This workshop for newly promoted team leaders will help prepare them to function at a high level from day one, avoiding the typical mistakes that often plague newcomers to management roles.

An inspirational talk focused on best practices of

This is a 30-minute talk designed to kick off any POA or sales meeting intended to motivate people to take charge…rise to new challenges…and be effective leaders and is extrapolated from  “The 100-Mile Walk”, Sander’s award-winning book about the Nine Ps of Leadership. The Ps cover the practices of some of the most successful leaders Sander has studied. At the heart of it all, is the underlying theme that great leaders
need to be nimble and continually evolve.

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